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Before you reinstall a program or move to a fresh system, you should make sure that you have saved the serial number. This is the only way to activate the software again. We will show you three free tools that are guaranteed to read your license keys.

When you buy Windows 10, Microsoft Office and many other paid software titles, you often receive a license in the form of a product key. This is saved in the registry and can be read out in a few seconds using free tools.

By writing down this key or saving it, you can ensure that you can reactivate a program after a new installation. The exception are programs that are linked to an online account or subscription. Your license and your other data will be saved by the manufacturer.

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The program should make work easier for anyone who is often confronted with new installations: KeyGenesis, as the name suggests, searches your PC for the serial numbers of the installed programs and then displays them.

This saves you the hassle of searching for the original packaging with the product key that is stowed away somewhere in the attic or in the basement. Simply let the License Crawler search for the serial number, write it down and re-enter it during the reinstallation.

If you want to help your friend set up the PC again, you can put KeyGenesis on any USB stick thanks to its small size. And even if Windows won’t boot, you can still use the mini-tool by putting it on a boot CD.

What’s a keygen?

A key generator (keygen) is, so to speak, the key service for computer software. These are small programs that generate the right serial key for a selected software at the push of a button.