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About Age of Empires 3

Age of Empires III is the third installment (excluding Age of Mythology) in the Age of Empires video game series developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios. Age of Empires III was released on October 22, 2005 and is the sequel to Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings.

The game is chronologically a sequel to its predecessor. It takes place between the year 1500 until before the American Civil War, the time of the colonization of the newly (re)discovered continent of America.


Starting with a limited number of units and buildings, you can build new buildings and train new soldiers by collecting resources. Soldiers can then attack enemy players (computer or other people via internet/intranet). In addition to military strategies, there are also economic opportunities for advancement, such as making alliances with the Native Americans and occupying the various trading posts in the game.


The player is given command of one of the following eight peoples:


The houses of the British cost 35% more than the houses of the other peoples, but if you put a house, you get a free villager (settler). This provides an advantage when evolving from one era to another. You cannot then create villagers from the village center. The British have as specific combat units the longbowman – this has the furthest firing distance in the game – and the congreve rocket (rocket for short). Their best units are the redcoat musketeer and the hussars of the guard (guard hussar).


The Spaniards have the advantage that they can quickly use the cards from their card stack (deck, see below). This makes them very flexible in the beginning of the game. In addition, being the first in the game, i.e. in the first age (see below), they can create combat units (war dogs), when all other nations cannot yet. The Spaniards’ best units are their war dogs, the espada rodelero, the garrochista lancer, and the tercio peakier; their specific units are the rodelero, the lancer and the missionary.


The French don’t have ordinary villagers, but drivers des bois. This unit is more expensive than a normal villager, but does everything faster. They are also relatively strong and can therefore still be used as a combat unit when the French are attacked. The French have the strongest cavalry in the game, the cuirassier (cuirassier). This one is also specific to the French. Their best units are the gendarme cuirassier and the vaulter.


The Portuguese receive a free covered wagon for every transition from one era to another. This will allow them to set up a free village center that will allow them to quickly create many villagers. The Portuguese scout also has binoculars, with which he can see an area that has not yet been explored. Their specific men are the cassador and the organ cannon. Their best men are the jinete dragoon and the guerreiro musketeer.


The Dutch villagers cost gold instead of food. In the beginning, this is an advantage, because to get to the second age, only food is needed. Other peoples can focus on food while the Dutch have to divide their villagers between two resources. From the second era, however, the Dutch can build banks. These produce gold without having to use builders. Their specific men are the envoy (envoy), the ruyter and the fluyt. Their best men are the carabinierruyter and the Nassau halberdier.


The Germans start with settler wagons instead of ordinary villagers. These chariots are equivalent to two ordinary villagers of the other nations (with the exception of renners des bois). They can get these by means of a special card from the deck, which activates the ability to produce these wagons in mills. They are also available at the turn of the century to the second era or directly as a card from the deck. They can use the Mercenaries (which can only be hired as a card from the deck) earlier than the other peoples. The unique units of the Germans are the Doppelsöldner, the ulaan, the war chariot and the collection car; their best men are the Prussian needle gunner and the czapka-ulaan.


The Ottomans are constantly getting free villagers, albeit at a slow rate. So they can’t buy villagers, but they can increase the amount of villagers and the rate at which they are produced from the mosque (other nations have a church instead of a mosque). Their unique men are the janissary (janissary), the abus gunner (abus gun), the spahi, the dardanelles gun (great bombard), the galley and the imam; in addition to the baratcu-grenadier, the Ottomans also have the guard hussar as their best unit.


The Russians can quickly raise a very large army because their base units, including the strelets (plural streltsy), are trained in groups and the training time is short. The downside is that the strelets isn’t exactly a strong unit (in fact, streltsy are the weakest soldiers in the game). Their unique men are the Strelets, the Cossack and the Oprichnik; their best units are the Tatar Archer (Tartar cavalry archer) and the Pavlov Grenadier.

In the campaign, the player can also sometimes have a number of Indian tribes at his disposal. These are the Aztecs, Carib, Cherokee, Comanche, Cree, Incas, Iroquois, Maya, Nootka, Seminole, Sioux, and the Tupi. Some of these tribes become fully available in the expansions.

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