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Batman Arkham City & Bruce Wayne

Also with Batman Arkham Knight you will fight yourselves again as Batman / Bruce Wayne through dark alleys, grab the crime by the head and put an end to the criminal threat in Gotham City. This time even with the help of the Batmobile. If you have already forgotten the story of the previous games and are no longer completely up-to-date, you should read on. In the following guide you will learn everything you need to know about Batman / Bruce Wayne.

Batman was the eponymous hero in the previous games Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. In Batman: Arkham Origins you even got to experience how the young Batman became the legendary dark avenger. But what exactly happened again?

How Bruce Wayne became Batman

The actual transformation from Bruce Wayne to Batman is never shown in the games in the Arkham series – even Arkham Origins is already set in a time when Batman was a crime fighter. We’ll tell you why it became what it is today.

  • As a boy, Bruce Wayne watched helplessly as his parents were shot dead in front of his eyes.
  • Although Bruce Wayne had a bright future ahead of him as a wealthy millionaire heir, he decided to avenge his parents. He declared war on crime.
  • In order to prepare himself mentally, he first studied all known sciences; then he traveled to Asia to learn the various martial arts from the local masters.
  • When he returned, he only needed a suitable symbol: Since he wanted to fight the criminals under cover of the night and secretly, he chose the bat – Batman was born.
  • In order not to arouse suspicion, Batman appears during the day in the role of the rich playboy Bruce Wayne.

During the day, Batman lives in the opulent Wayne Manor

Batman’s first fight with the Joker

In Batman Arkham Origins, Batman is not yet the veteran crime fighter of the later games – he has to prove himself first. He gets the chance when the super villain Black Mask puts a bounty on Batman, who lures the eight worst criminals in the world to Gotham City. While Batman gradually eliminates the crooks with the help of his numerous gadgets, it turns out that Black Mask is not who he claims to be: In reality, it’s the insane Joker. With the help of his loyal butler Alfred and Police Commissioner Gordon, Batman finally manages to hunt down the Joker. However, it should not be the last meeting between the two.

Off to the madhouse

Five years have passed. The Joker is once again pursuing his favorite activity and harassing the law-abiding citizens of Gotham City with one of his numerous conspiracies. When he carried out an attack on Gotham City Hall, however, he was caught by Batman and immediately shipped to the city madhouse, the Arkham Asylum.

As it quickly turns out, that’s part of his diabolical plan. The head of the Arkham Asylum experimented with the dangerous body-altering drug Titan – with its help the Joker wants to raise an army of super villains and take control of Gotham City. Again Batman succeeds in thwarting the plan. After initially surviving the illusions of Scarecrow and sending the two villains Bane and Killer Croc into the eternal hunting grounds, he confronts the Joker, which has now mutated into a gigantic monster, and defeats him in a duel.

Batman Arkham City – Bruce Wayne goes to jail

Batman Arkham City is about the new super prison Arkham City and its director Hugo Strange. Strange has Batman or Bruce Wayne kidnapped during a press conference and locked up in Arkham City, where Batman learns of the mysterious Protocol 10. Batman is able to break free and, with the help of Catwoman, sets out to find out the secret of Protocol 10. And who should he meet other than the Joker during his search?

While Batman has his hands full stopping Protocol 10 – the total annihilation of Gotham City – he now has his favorite enemy to deal with. Since the Joker is still suffering from the aftermath of the titanium poisoning, it is not that difficult this time. At the end of the game the unbelievable happens: Batman’s archenemy succumbs to his poisoning and dies.

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