Free Game Keys (Steam & Origin)

Free Game Keys Without Registration

Yes, you understood everything correctly – here random Steam Keys are regularly released for free.

With a Steam Key from us you will receive a full game in your Steam library for free after redeeming it on Steam. If, of course, the key has not been used before.

Here you will find a huge selection of free game keys for the latest top games, eternal classics and numerous other games. Large online distribution platforms such as Steam, Origin or uPlay make buying and downloading games easier than ever. Save yourself the trip to the dealer – here at KeyGenesis you will find your game keys for free.

You will normally receive the activation code for a downloaded game within minutes by email and you can start the download directly on the respective platform. For pre-orders, game keys are available for preloading (early download of the game) in good time before the release. Get your games comfortably, quickly and without cost!


Once you have received the code, you can easily redeem it by first clicking on the “Games” menu in the top taskbar, then on the “Activate a product on Steam” tab. A window opens in which you are asked to enter the key. After confirming the validity, you can conveniently download the game as if you had bought it directly on Steam.