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About Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (GTA: Vice City for short, GTA: VC or just Vice City) is the fourth game in the Grand Theft Auto series and a prequel of its predecessor Grand Theft Auto III (GTA III). It was first released in 2002 for the PlayStation 2, then in 2003 for Windows. For the tenth anniversary, a port for iOS and Android devices was also released on December 6, 2012.

This game was very successful commercially. It has been sold more than ten million times worldwide.

The graphics have only changed slightly compared to the predecessor. The game transports the player to the 1980s with their fashionable appearances: music, neon colors (especially in buildings with nighttime lighting), clothing, computers in the early stages of development, political and social conditions.


The action takes place in 1986. The main character is Thomas “Tommy” Vercetti (voiced by Ray Liotta), who had committed several murders for Sonny Forelli, one of the Mafia bosses of Liberty City, and served 15 years in prison for it.

At the beginning of the game he is released from prison and Sonny sends him to Vice City with two friends to deal with a drug deal. During the deal, those involved are attacked by masked gangsters. Only Tommy and Ken Rosenberg can escape. Tommy’s two companions are shot and the gangsters escape with the money and drugs. Sonny now asks Tommy to get his drugs back.

Lance and Tommy (meet in the course of the game) find out after a while that the millionaire Ricardo Diaz, the largest cocaine dealer in Vice City (for whom Vic Vance already worked in GTA: VCS), was behind the robbery. They kill him in his villa and take all of his property. Tommy starts buying up real estate and so ranks the city.

Now Sonny Forelli steps in, who had planned from the start to expand his domain to Vice City. When Tommy learns of Sonny’s arrival in Vice City, he tries to stop him, but Sonny begins to take control of Tommy’s property.

Tommy agrees to a meeting with Sonny in Diaz ’Villa, during which Tommy Sonny wants to return the money he lost at the start of the delivery in order to pay off his debt and to rule Vice City independently of Forelli. In the course of the conversation, Lance reveals himself as a defector and tries to kill Tommy together with Sonny, but they are instead turned off by Tommy, so that from now on, with the support of his lawyer Ken Rosenberg, he can further expand his influence in Vice City.

Game principle and technology

Like the other games in the GTA series, the game mainly consists of a combination of shooting and driving sequences. The tasks for the player can be divided into three categories: main missions, side missions and free play.

Both in the missions and outside the missions, the police react to certain criminal acts of the player. The more crimes the player commits, the more police officers and other units will pursue the player.

The main missions form the plot of the game and are therefore completed in a fixed chronological order. To do this, the player must visit various clients in the game world. In the following short cutscene the plot is continued and the problem to be solved is described. The player must then solve the mission with weapons and / or vehicles that he finds in the game world or that are made available to him.

The game follows the open world principle and therefore offers the player various employment opportunities apart from the missions. For example, the player may intentionally commit crimes in order to obtain police pursuit or simply explore the game world.


As an innovation, real estate can be acquired for which the player can later also fulfill orders. If all orders for a property have been successfully completed, it regularly throws protection money. In addition, the game can be saved in a property, which is an improvement on GTA III.

In GTA III there was only one savepoint per island, which meant that the player often had to accept longer journeys to the missions. Depending on the price range, the property has one or more garages in which the player can park his vehicles. These are then still available after restarting the game.

Another novelty is the ability to change clothes in the game. However, this is limited to specified clothing combinations (e.g. jeans with a Hawaiian shirt, golf clothing, suit, etc.). This means that the wanted level (at most two out of six wanted stars) is reduced back to zero.

The last major change is that some buildings in the game can now also be entered, including the Ocean View Hotel, the mansion and the shopping center.

Side missions

Side missions are not part of the plot and can therefore be performed at any time. For example, as part of a collection mission, 100 hidden parcels have to be found in the game world. Monster stunts require making long jumps with vehicles. With taxi missions you drive passers-by to the desired destinations. These types of missions do not have to be completed consecutively and can therefore be interrupted and continued later.

In contrast, the fire, police and ambulance missions cannot be interrupted. There must be a certain number of the same tasks, such as B. extinguishing fires or killing criminals can be carried out. Compared to its predecessor, an additional side mission is the delivery of pizza by moped.

In order to achieve the goal of a 100 percent game, the side missions must also be completed. Parallel to the main story, there are also subplots with various other clients, similar to the previous one in GTA III. These include the real estate king Avery Carrington, the Cuban gang leader Umberto Robina and the rock band Love Fist. These missions are structured like the main missions.

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